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Christmas Cheer

David Corby was pleased to receive an early Christmas visit from Santa (Phil Aitken), who popped to Grove, near Retford to present Dave Corby with his Mark Draw winnings cheque. Here’s the evidence.



 MBF: Update from St John Ambulance

Please click HERE to see the latest update.


Q4 2020 Drawer Winners

Brethren, the end of year (Q4) prize draw was recently carried out with the winners being chosen at random through Excel by the draw Administrator, W. Bro. Andy Carr

Many congratulations to those who were lucky on this occasion.

On behalf of the PGM, many thanks to all the Brethren who have continued to support the draw this year which in turn continues to strengthen the Province and importantly aids the many charitable causes we contribute to on an ongoing basis - we couldn't do it without your assistance which is so much appreciated.

Wishing you and all your families a safe, peaceful and happy Christmas and with a bit of luck, a better new year than 2020.




Ticket No.




£              200.00


David Corby

St. Oswald's


£              150.00


Ray Duke

Spurn & Humber


£              125.00


Peter Gibbons



£              100.00


C.  (Bloss) Billin

St. Deny's


£                 75.00


David Shepherd



 Christmas Message 

Brethren, please click HERE to see the Christmas Message from the Grand Master, H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent.

'Freemasons without Borders'

Brethren , please find the link to a talk on YouTube, entitled 'The disappearance of Noachite Masonry' which may be of interest and which deals with the question of "what has happened to Noah and his family in our rituals ?”
The lecture is by W. Bro. Matthew Roger Christmas and was given on 17th November 2020 on the Facebook site of a group called 'Freemasons without Borders' which has a weekly talk on all aspects of Freemasonry.

Legacy of the Festival Continues


Brethren, the 2018 MBF Festival may seem a lifetime away but it's legacy continues.

The attached picture shows the 'Hope for Tomorrow 'mobile Chemotherapy bus which has recently been sited at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston and which has established itself as an essential part of the Chemotherapy service in our County / Province.

The legacy is further strengthened by the young lady in the picture - Lauren is the granddaughter of our recently departed Bro Mark Mason, W. Bro. David Faulkner and she has recently been assigned to be part of the team who looks after the patients who use the service, not forgetting also that the bus is named 'Elaine' after the late wife of W. Bro, Phil Anyan.

David's widow, Kathleen, has kindly sent this picture and having spoken to David about this just before his sad death, I know how proud he was that Lauren was involved in the project which the MBF and Lincolnshire Mark Masons supported so well in partnership with the Hope for Tomorrow Charity.

Brethren I think it can be safely said that the Mark Province of Lincolnshire has marked well and can justifiably be so very pleased with our contribution to this valuable and much needed service.


A short History of the founding of Remigius Lodge of Mark Master Masons

Remigius Lodge of Mark Master Masons should have celebrated its 150
th Anniversary in October, but unfortunately its celebrations have been put on hold until after this Covid-19 Epidemic permits, but doesn’t stop a short History of its founding.

W.Bro Bruce Goodman has compiled this short history, which you can download HERE.



Following the unfortunate cancellation of the talk by V.W. Bro. Derek Bontoft last month, may I advise you that the talk has now been rescheduled for:
Tuesday the 10th of November at 8pm (please note the slightly later than normal start time)
The joining link and meeting details are:

Topic: 'The Importance of Adoniram'

Time: Nov 10, 2020 08:00 PM London

Login details are available from your Lodge Secretary.


THURSDAY 5th NOVEMBER at 11am utilising the 'Zoom' facility. 


Nearly sixty brethren attended a "virtual" meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Lincolnshire.

They were please to witness the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master confirm the Appointments and Promotions for this year, and to have the opportunity to hear his address to the brethren.  

Address to the Brethren - Provincial Grand Lodge 5th November  2020 ( Virtual meeting)

Brethren: Welcome to this Provincial Grand Lodge meeting of the Mark degree in Lincolnshire - we are making history today- for all the wrong reasons being deep in the clutches of this dreadful Covid-19 pandemic. I hope those attending and all our Mark Brethren in Lincolnshire are keeping healthy and taking good care of their loved ones and fellow Mark Masons who need assistance? The purpose of this meeting of course is to conduct necessary Provincial business as required by the Constitutions and I will have more to say on our current position a little later. I think we can all agree we are missing our Mark & RAM Masonry terribly and can’t wait for normality to return.


Brethren: I thank you all for attending this zoom meeting  today and for your tremendous support during the most difficult of times.  At this point in Provincial meetings I would normally welcome distinguished guests from all four quarters of England and Wales- sadly the pandemic has put pay to that possibility and I certainly look forward with confidence so we can re-establish our strong bonds with other Mark Provinces which we visit on a regular basis. Because of our wonderful venue at the Epic Centre our visitors put us high on the list of ‘’go to’’ venues. The Epic Centre in return for our support have been extremely obliging in trying to arrange our next face to face Provincial Grand Lodge. I would not be so foolish  as to assume it will be on the usual 4th Saturday in March 2021 - however with  major progress on a viable vaccine and people obeying the restriction rules God willing it will take place in 2021 at some point.

Provincial Grand Lodge even in this format requires a tremendous amount of organisation and once again  I do sincerely thank our hard working Provincial Grand Secretary Steve Roberts  and my Deputy  Provincial Grand Master Ron Harrison (now zoom Master)  and all  the other Provincial Officers involved  for their efforts too. Steve’s work behind the scenes has been phenomenal and he often helps me to interpret rules as well as almost every Secretary or Scribe in Lincolnshire- thank you so much- I could not do this job without you.

My first year in charge HAD been a happy and successful  year for the Lincolnshire Mark Degree up until 13th March 2020 a mere 2 weeks before its completion  . In the first 7 days of being Installed we undertook a team visit to St Wulfram’s Lodge in Grantham and a few days later handed over on behalf of the MBF the keys to a St John Ambulance at a church service in Spalding. The team of active officers visited 11 Lodges, 2 of which included dedications and we were greeted as only Mark/ RAM Masons can. Sadly, several milestone anniversaries are now on hold due to current restrictions. They are Remigius 150th, St Mary 100th and Bayons 50th- we look forward to the day when we can set that right. 

In June last year I was immensely proud that when the flooding disaster occurred in Wainfleet we stood shoulder to shoulder with our Craft Provincial Grand Master Rt. W Bro David Wheeler, a great supporter of the Mark in Lincolnshire  and our own Mark Benevolent Fund provided £25,000 ( that is one third) towards the initial £75,000 raised. 4 more sister Mark Provinces donated a further £7,000 towards that appeal and I cannot thank them enough for being so generous without any prompting.

Many aspects of our lives have changed by necessity however I must emphasise the work of the MBF continues, even more so pressing in the current situation. We must keep up our support for the forthcoming Festivals in the same way others supported us - we have this year donated another £5000 to the Craft 2025 Festival and also £3000 to East Lancashire’s 2021 Festival. To that end I ask you all as soon as circumstances permit to continue making donations to our Lincolnshire Mark Benevolent Fund. It sits in a strong position, but a protracted starvation of funds will soon alter that - we will however continue a prudent course and ‘’cut our cloth to fit’’ to coin a phrase.

Linked to this charitable giving  is our Mark Prize Draw, still administered by W Bro Andy Carr and his team, for which I am extremely grateful and take the opportunity to thank Andy for his hard and unsung work - I encourage all those participating to continue to do so. Not only does it distribute great prizes, it gives us the ability to fund both our  Provincial Grand Lodge and use funds for Festival donations. Please do continue your support for this initiative which brings a big boost to the winners in the most difficult of times. 

On the last two occasions I have taken the trouble to hand-deliver the winners cheques and the results can be viewed on our website- believe me the recipients were not bribed to be smiling so broadly as they did!

 Turning to Grand Mark Lodge: the last meeting was on the 10th March and those who attended knew that something unpleasant was coming down the tracks- the attendance was down on normal and safety precautions were in use. It was really the first time I’d seen what has now become accepted practice.

Sure enough, UGLE put out a directive on the evening of Thursday 12th and I was invited to a meeting at 8 o’ clock on Friday 13th to discuss its implications. The rest as they say is history. 

Unfortunately, the recipients of Grand Rank honours 1st appointments scheduled for June were unable to attend to be invested, which is a very great pity. W Bro Geoff Tuckett, our Provincial Chaplain was appointed  an active office as AGIG and I take the opportunity to thank Geoff for his wonderful Orations at the dedications undertaken last year, W Bro Peter Dolby was appointed active Grand Steward , again thoroughly deserved. W Bro Bruce Goodman (our Craft APGM) received PAGDC and W Bro Steve Siddle PAGSwdB.

In September, the Past rank promotions were to be appointed with W Bro Keith Robinson our Prov G DC becoming a Very Worshipful Brother by promotion to PGJO. 

W Bro Steve Roberts was promoted to PGJD and likewise W Bro Derek North to PGJD. 

I congratulate each and every one of them and commiserate that they were unable to be present and invested by one of the Rulers.

Although thankfully in December last year W Bro’s Mick Stocker, Peter Dolby and Geoff Tuckett were able to attend and received promotions to Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank the same will not be possible for this year’s recipients. W Bro’s Phil Anyan, John Speed and Roger Hansard will be victims of the pandemic as the Grand Assembly of Royal Ark Mariners will not take place as planned. Once again, I commiserate with a wonderful day out being denied you.

Turning to our own Province: we all know we are a very happy degree, but we must continue to be a caring degree. In a message from me that was put out on Friday 27th March (the day before Provincial Grand Lodge) I reflected on what was happening and that we were unable to meet the following day. I encouraged the work of the Lodge Almoners- but asked Brethren to assist  Lodge Almoners by advising  him whenever you hear of a brother or his dependents  in need of assistance, and if possible staying in touch by whatever means possible- the old fashioned phone call being favoured. 

I congratulate and confirm all active Officers appointed back in March and reiterate they will be re-appointed in March 2021 for a further year. We as the Mark took this decision very early on not knowing at the time how long this pandemic would affect us. We assumed today would be the day we could meet face to face, but it has proved impossible. A year spent as an active officer is to be treasured and I hope still we can re-group and undertake team visits from restarting up to March 2022. 1st appointments to active office in 2021 will by definition have to be deferred but I’m sure those who were due will fully understand and appreciate the position- knowing that if they had been appointed in March 2020 they would receive the same treatment.

Thankfully, the technology which enables us to meet virtually today has been a Godsend for many of us. Our General Purposes Committee has been meeting once a month since March to keep vital business of the Province functioning. A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes and I can assure you the Executive have been kept extremely busy dealing with changes and putting out guidance.

Perhaps some will feel it is all overwhelming but has been thought necessary. The Mark Order globally has been innovative in allowing Lodges to meet virtually and undertake essential business. It is no substitute for the real thing, but certain things have to be dealt with. I appreciate it is difficult when Masters are obliged to hold office for more than one year- that officers are obliged to hold station- these are extraordinary times and require extraordinary measures. My hope is they will soon be behind us and we look forward to a bright future and we can rebuild our wonderful Mark and RAM degrees. Work which was ongoing with ‘’Awareness evenings’’ planned before the virus intervened. 

On that subject I thank publicly V W Bro Derek Bontoft for his work in putting together the ‘’Awareness’’ material for both Mark and Royal Ark Mariners and also for giving us informative and entertaining Zoom Talks whilst the shutdown has been affecting us. His next Talk is next Tuesday at 8pm entitled ‘’The importance of Adorinam’’. Do try and support him and the Province and lets swell the number of attendees to 3 figures- please ! Derek deserves our respect and adoration for his tremendous energy and commitment to our Orders, asking him to become our Provincial Lecture Master a year ago was a key part of my efforts to promote and strengthen our Mark degree in Lincolnshire, and I never regret it for a moment.

Whilst referring to zoom meetings, I encourage the Lodges to hold these whilst we are suffering to keep members in touch- either virtual business meetings or indeed Lodge social meetings- and  I would be extremely happy to receive an invitation to join you if I possibly can and perhaps be available to answer any questions those attending want to ask.

 I note from the Registrar’s report that we suffered a larger than acceptable reduction in the number of subscribing members particularly in our Royal Ark Mariner Lodges and any decline is to be regretted. If we take the extra time and effort both to prevent resignations and encourage membership things will surely improve? Clearly, we can do little about that until things change. When our Province does re-open for business  those Lodges who are presently finding difficulty in attracting candidates and avoiding resignations  -  we will try to offer help and guidance on initiatives for recruitment and retention being used successfully in various parts of both the country and our Province. 

Essential to this is ensuring our Craft Lodges remain vibrant and providing the right men to join us. 

I continue to be thankful to you all for the privilege of being your Provincial Grand Master and wish you every happiness in our Mark Masonic Order for many years to come. 

May the Great Overseer of the Universe bless you All.

Stay safe - and Mark well. 




You have to be in it to win it and that was certainly the case recently for W. Bro. Tony Reeve of St. Oswald's Lodge who won the first prize of £200 in the latest quarterly draw.
Many congratulations to Tony who was obviously pleased to receive the winning cheque which was hand delivered by our R.W. Provincial Grand Master and all the recipients of the other prizes on offer.
The draw continues to prove it's worth, both to the Province and the charitable causes which have been and will continue to be supported by you, the Mark Brethren of Lincolnshire.
Many grateful thanks to those who continue to support this important initiative - for those who currently do not participate in the draw but would like to do so, please contact the Prize Draw Administrator, W. Bro. Andy Carr or the Provincial Grand Secretary who will be more than pleased to supply further details - you may even get your picture taken if you win !!!

Bayons Mark Installation

At a meeting of six brethren, W.Bro Richard Powell was proclaimed Master of Bayons Lodge MMM on 22nd October 2020. Richard said, "It was good to see some good friends that I have not seen since February at our RAM meeting. I spent more time driving to and from the meeting than I did in the Lodge building including the meeting, the photo afterward and a chat before driving home again".

The meeting was of course very different from usual, but was a very cordial affair. Richard remarked "I am of course honoured to be doing a second year and hope that I will at last be able to chair an Advancement, although this is still far from certain with the way things are going".


In the photo (taken using a timer on the camera) from left to right, Jeff Stephenson - DC, Charlie Peatfield who volunteered to be Tyler for the meeting, Jamie Evans – SW, myself, Neil Hollingsworth – Secretary and Dave Pattison – Treasurer.


Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank

The R.W. Provincial Grand Master is pleased to announce that the following Brethren are to be honoured with Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank:
W. Bro. Phillip Anyan - Trent Lodge of RAM no.172;
W. Bro. Roger Hansard - Remigius Lodge of RAM, no.117;
W. Bro. John Speed - St. Nicholas Lodge of RAM, no. 946.
The Investiture meeting of RAM Grand Assembly is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 8th December at Great Queen Street and should the meeting go ahead as planned, I am sure that a good number of Lincolnshire Royal Ark Mariners will wish take the opportunity to attend and support these Brethren who have been granted their preferment for all their hard work and support for our R.W. Provincial Grand Master, the Province of Lincolnshire and their respective Lodges in general - many hearty and sincere congratulations to them all.


Ticket No.




£              200.00


John Stead



£              150.00


Chris Fletcher

St Matthews


£              100.00


Roger Ward

Spurn & Humber


£              100.00


Paul Darlaston

St Wilfred’s


£                 50.00


Geoff Tuckett


Prize Tally:


Ticket No.




£              200.00


Anthony O'Brien



£              150.00


Malcolm Forrest



£              100.00


Frank  Powell

John O'Gaunt


£              100.00


Stephen Hallberg

Spurn & Humber


£                 50.00


Rodney Redhead

John O'Gaunt





Ticket No.




£              200.00


Anthony Reeve

St Oswald 387


£              150.00


Michael Clay

Remigius  117


£              125.00


David Harness

St. Swithun's 445


£              100.00


Brian  Nicholson

St. Swithun's 445


£                 75.00


Colin Fox

St. Oswald's 387


Many congratulations to these Brethren



Virtual Tour of Mark Masons Hall

Brethren, please find a link to an interesting virtual tour of Mark Masons Hall given by W. Bro. Dan Heath, one of our Assistant Grand Secretaries.
The building which is sited at 86 St James's Street, just around the corner from St James's Palace and Pall Mall, is the administrative home of the Mark degree and a number of the other 'progressive' degrees in Freemasonry.
The tour should hopefully appeal to both those Brethren who have visited the building at some time in the past and also to those who have not yet had the opportunity to do so,


Brethren, further to the postponement of Provincial Grand Lodge in March.- it is still necessary under the Book of Constitutions to hold a Provincial meeting so as to allow all the essential business of the Province to be carried out.
On behalf of our Provincial Grand Master, you are therefore advised that a



utilising the 'Zoom'  facility.

The necessary business paper with details of the agenda, joining link and dress code etc will follow in due course.


Brethren, it is with great regret that you are advised of the decision to abandon the 2020 RAM Provincial Assembly.
Following the postponement of the June meeting, it had been hoped to reschedule the meeting for later in the year but in view of the continuing situation and lack of clarity on the future with regards to our meetings, a judgement has been made that it would be better to take a step back from a meeting this year now, rather than later.

Our PGM is obviously very disappointed at this course of action, as I am sure are many of our members, not least those Brethren who would have been invested with RAM Provincial Grand Rank but it is felt that this is the right decision under the circumstances.

The 2021 meeting will be scheduled into the diary as normal and we look forward to a 'bumper' meeting.


Brethren - A further talk on the Mark Degree will be given by V. W.Bro. Derek Bontoft, our Provincial Lecture Master on  MONDAY THE 21st SEPTEMBER AT 8PM and is  entitled 'The Importance of Adoniram'.

ALL  Brethren are invited and encouraged to attend the talk which on previous occasions has proved to be a very enjoyable get together. .

The necessary joining details for the talk may be obtained from your Lodge Secretary or the Provincial Secretary.

 W Bro Phil Aitken's Cycling challenge – update

There is just over a week before W Bro Phil Aitken and his brother Rob head off on their latest Cycling challenge in aid of the Lincolnshire Craft 2025 MCF Festival, this being the first annual cycling challenge until the Festival is over.

This initial Cycling Challenge was originally cycling from London to Paris, but following the issues with COVID-19, it became an unsupported ride between Calais, Paris and Dieppe.

This has now also been thwarted with the introduction of the need to quarantine on return from France so yet another alternative ride has been organised, and put the Calais – Paris - Dieppe route on hold for next year.

The new plan is also unsupported and is a two country Coast to Coast ride with a difference. 

Day 1 - Train to Lancaster then ride to Morecambe, and back to Lancaster for an overnight stay. 20 miles.
Day 2 - Lancaster to Penrith, via Kirkby Lonsdale, Sedburgh, Tebay, Shap before finally arriving in Penrith - 55 miles. 
Day 3 - Penrith to Moffatt via Dalston, Carlisle, then over the border into Scotland to Gretna, across to Annan then onward to Moffatt - 72 miles!
Day 4 – Moffatt to Edinburgh with a hilly start but via some wonderful countryside, and amazing views - 52 miles!
Day 5 – Edinburgh to Duns via Musselburgh, Dunbar and Cockburnspath before heading south over the hills before arriving at Duns. 53 Miles
Day 7 – Duns to Berwick via the scenic route, crossing the border between Scotland and England several times before arriving at Berwick to catch the train home! 20 miles only but a beautiful ride.

The Total mileage is around 270 miles, with lots of hills to keep them occupied!


You can donate by either following the link to the Everydayhero page ->

Or by contacting W Bro Aitken direct on or 07747622989 to arrange payment direct.


Please give generously – we all know how wonderful the MCF is and Lincolnshire has benefitted greatly from this excellent Charity.


The Provincial Secretary Goes Walkabout 

The Provincial Secretary has been on a walkabout (whilst attempting to get his head around the latest guidance update note from Mark Masons' Hall !!!)

The route included a stop at the Temple Bruer, Knights Templar Preceptory tower which is sited  just south of Lincoln. The tower, now the only remaining original structure, was originally part of a much larger complex which was erected in 1160 and gives its name to one of the Masonic Knights Templar Preceptory that meets in Lincoln.

Such was the influence of this particular settlement that at one time it was the second most wealthiest Preceptory in the country.

Whilst looking around the site, the Mark Masonry connection was also quite evident with many of the prepared stones bearing the 'marks' of the Craftsman employed in it's construction along with the ubiquitous graffiti added over many centuries.

The explanatory information board reminded him of the laminated cards that V. W. Bro. Trevor Kitchen, a Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Lincolnshire used to present to the newly advanced Mark Master Masons at the various Lodges that he attended, depicting marks which were to be found in St Botolphs Church which is also known as 'Boston Stump'.

The marks at Temple Bruer were clearly seen around the building and a reminder that Mark Masonry has been with us a very long time - Well worth a visit  even if you are not a Knights Templar.

Thank You from The Old Library Residential Home


Just a quick note to thank you for the visors that are currently being used at The Old Library Residential Home in Cleethorpes.

We are delighted to say that our Home has been COVID free since the beginning of the pandemic and remains so at this current time.

Once again, thank you so much.


Kind regards

The team @ The Old Library

The Old Library Residential Home Limited

Isaacs Hill, Cleethorpes, DN35 8JR


'So you think you know your Mark Masonry ...MK 2'

By popular request, V. W. Bro. Derek Bontoft will be giving a 3rd Mark talk on Thursday the 6th August at 7pm and is entitled:

'So you think you know your Mark Masonry ...MK 2'

and will follow the enjoyable quiz format of the previous one but this time with 20 questions, so pens and papers at the ready again.

The talks by V. W. Bro. Derek have proved to be really pleasurable as well as being informative and it is hoped that as many Brethren as possible will again be able to join in the meeting.

The Zoom link is available from your Mark Lodge Secretary.


Lifting of Suspension and Resumption of Masonic Activities

17th July 2020

The Provincial Grand Master, Rt W Bro Stephen Hallberg has today sent this letter to the Brethren of Lincolnshire, and reminds us all that the judicious use of common sense is to be encouraged.

Click HERE to download and read his letter. 

Lincolnshire 2025 Festival - Paris Bike Ride

Phil Aitken has created a page donation because he wants to make a difference. He said:

I'm inspired by the work of Masonic Charitable Foundation and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in E0151 - Lincolnshire 2025 Festival.

Months before my 60th birthday, my brother Rob suggested we did something special to celebrate it, and of course it had to involve cycling, and in the blink of an eye I heard myself agreeing to undertake the London to Paris ride - 275 miles in 4 days - certainly out of my comfort zone and the biggest continuous rides I will have done!

My aim is to raise £10 per mile, so please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about Masonic Charitable Foundation, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Click HERE for more details


"So you think you know your Mark Masonry" Virtual Zoom Talk 2

Don't miss the second 'virtual zoom talk' given by V. W. Bro. Derek Bontoft, our Provincial Lecture Master, which will be on:
Thursday the 16th July at 7pm - log in details available from your Mark Lodge Secretary.

Thank You Message from Chairman of Friends of Connaught Court

I am writing in my capacity as the Chairman of the Friends of Connaught Court to thank you for the contribution that you have made towards our funds this year. As you know it has been a very challenging year with the pandemic and we have been unable to hold our Summer fair which provides the majority of the funds that we require to fulfill our financial obligations to the home. The major project that we are working on at the moment is to provide a second visitor pod at the home to allow families to be reunited within a safe environment. As part of the Care Operations team at the RMBI this is something which is particularly close to me and i feel very important to both the residents and their families. The money which you have so generously donated will go towards the £10,0000 cost of this.
I would ask that you forward this email along with my thanks and good wishes to your PGM Steve Hollberg. If you would like any further information on our work or how the money is spent please do not hesitate to ask.
Kind regards
W. Bro Mark Payne

The PGM is always keen to give good news in these difficult and challenging times

...and when W Bro. Andy Carr announced the Mark Prize Draw winners for the June Draw he volunteered to take the winning cheque for £200 to W Bro. Geoff Newstead of the St. Wilfrid’s Lodge MMM No 209 in Alford.
Geoff was delighted to receive his visit ( socially distanced of course)  and is pictured holding aloft his winners cheque- clearly very happy with his good fortune.
A full list of winners can always be found on our Mark Website and the PGM urged all Lincolnshire Mark Master Masons  to join with him in supporting the Draw which is a valuable contributor to both Provincial Funds and more importantly our Lincolnshire  Mark Benevolent Association Charitable Fund.
He said  ’’... our charitable fund is suffering by us not meeting and making envelope collections but is still called on for support of good causes and other Mark/ Craft  Festivals which support the work of the Mark Benevolent Fund ( MBF) , and the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF)  of which we should be extremely proud and supportive. If you don’t have a £5 / month entry ticket please consider taking one out even in these difficult times; it goes to good use and the Draw happens every 3 months with  high value prizes to be won ’’.

MMM Provincial Draw - 2020 Q2


Prize Tally:



Ticket No.





£              200.00


Geoffrey Newstead

St. Wilfrid's



£              150.00


David Harness

St. Swithun's



£              125.00


David McKee

White Stone



£              100.00


Hugh Smith

St. Swithun's



£                 75.00


Chris Judge

John O'Gaunt



Virtual Zoom Talk 2

Following the recent success of the 'virtual zoom talk' given by V. W. Bro. Derek Bontoft, our Provincial Lecture Master, I am delighted to advise that V. W. Bro. Derek will be giving a further talk on:
Thursday the 16th July at 7pm - entitled 'So you think you know your Mark Masonry'
The necessary joining link may be obtained from your Lodge Secretary or the Provincial Secretary.
On this occasion, the talk involves a quiz so make sure you have a pen and paper to hand alongside the ubiquitous drink for the parting toast.
Many of those brethren who were able to join the inaugural talk have commented that it was not only informative but also very enjoyable and it is hoped that a good number will again be in attendance for the follow up.

Connaught Court Donation

One of the consequences of the current shutdown in our Masonic life has  not only been  the cancellation of our own Lodge meetings but also associated events - one of which was the summer fete of Connaught Court which is  the RMBI retirement home in York and which we as a Craft Province support and assist along West Yorkshire and North and East Yorkshire.
Their summer fete takes place each year and raises a tremendous amount of money, the proceeds of which are all donated for the benefit of the residents themselves through the 'Friends of Connaught Court Association' and serves to enhance their well being and lives generally by providing funds for entertainment, trips and also items such as the' Amazon Echos' mentioned in the letter.
Realising that the cancellation would severely curtail the funds available this year , R.W. Bro. Bob Clancy started an appeal to raise an equivalent amount so as not to penalise the residents and in the usual Lincolnshire Mark fashion, our own PGM, R.W. Bro. Steve Hallberg and we as a Province responded to the appeal and donated £3,000 from our Provincial (LMBA) fund on your behalf to this very worthwhile cause - this being money raised by individuals, Lodge charity collections and a percentage of the proceeds of the Provincial Prize Draw.
As noted in the letter, a final total of £12,000 was reached and our donation to this is yet another tangible example of the generosity and benevolence of the Mark Masons of Lincolnshire and one of which we all should be justly proud - thank you all for your continued support.
Cleick HERE to read the letter from R.W. Bro Bob Clancey

Virtual Talk

The 'lockdown' due to the coronavirus pandemic has affected each one of us in different ways but collectively the loss of contact and fellowship with our fellow Mark Masons has perhaps been the most common.
At the request of our PGM and in an attempt to overcome this lack of connection, a 'virtual' talk was prepared and delivered using the 'Zoom' facility by V.W. Bro. Derek Bontoft, our Provincial Grand Lecture Master.
A good number of Brethren tuned in to enjoy an enjoyable and informative talk entitled “The Mysteries of Freemasonry with special reference to the Mark degree”, delivered in his inimitable and uplifting way.
The added bonus was that the brethren present were also able to converse and enjoy each other's company albeit on a screen, although despite this, the abundance of smiles and banter was all too apparent and more than welcome after the past few months.
Thanks also to our Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Ron Harrison for acting as the 'Zoom Master' and keeping everybody in order.
Another talk is planned for the near future and it is hoped that even more brethren will be able to tune in - full details will be distributed by the Provincial Grand Secretary in due course.


Today (06/06/2020),  should have been the date of the Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Assembly at Skegness.
Sadly the current suspension of all Masonic meetings has prevented this and we are unfortunately unable to support our PGM and those receiving honours and also to further enjoy this important occasion with our fellow Brethren and partners.
Whilst this is very disappointing, it is obviously hoped that the Assembly can be rearranged sometime later in the year when our PGM will take great joy in investing  the Brethren who have received preferment to RAM Provincial Grand Rank.
With this in mind and on behalf of our Provincial Grand Master, I am delighted to advise that following Royal Ark Mariners have been appointed to Provincial Grand Rank.

W. Bro. Bruce Goodman                 Remigius Lodge no. 117

W. Bro. Paul Ellis                             Heneage Lodge no. 188

W. Bro. Denzil John                          St. Wilfrid's Lodge no. 209

W. Bro. Ken Rose                            St Mary Lodge no. 326

W. Bro. Richard Brady                     St. Oswald Lodge no. 387

W. Bro. Derek North                        St. Deny's Lodge no. 427

W. Bro. John Cundall                       St. . Swithun's Lodge no. 445

W. Bro. Gary King                            St. Nicholas Lodge no. 946

W. Bro.  Michael Holmes                 St. Nicholas Lodge no. 946

W. Bro. James Childs                      Earl of Scarbrough Lodge no. 1032

W. Bro. Stephen Cole                      Mercia Lodge no. 1240

W. Bro. Alan Mawer                        The Haven Lodge no. 1732

The appointments are effective from today and I am sure that you will join the PGM in offering sincere congratulations to these Brethren and trust that they take pride in this well deserved honour,

best regards, S & F, Steve Roberts (Povincial Grand Secretary)

“The Mysteries of Freemasonry with special reference to the Mark degree” 

The current suspension of all Masonic meetings has tested many of us in different ways, not least the loss of the fellowship and enjoyment that we all experience with our Brethren and friends at our Mark Lodge meetings.

Our PGM is very aware of this and after a number of other successful trials of virtual talks and meetings, I am pleased to advise that a virtual talk will be given for Mark Brethren by our Provincial Grand Lecture Master and Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, V. W. Bro. Derek Bontoft by means of the 'Zoom' on screen facility.

The talk, entitled, “The Mysteries of Freemasonry with special reference to the Mark degree” will be delivered by V. W. Bro. Derek on THURSDAY THE 18TH JUNE AT 7PM and it will obviously give us all an opportunity for us all to have a fraternal gathering, albeit on a screen.

The talk is only for Mark Masons and also can only be accessed by those Brethren who have the 'Zoom' facility which has proved very successful in facilitating other Masonic gatherings in the past few months whilst we have been in suspension.

The downloading of 'Zoom' is relatively easy (even Our Provincial Grand Secretary has managed it) and when downloaded a link will be provided which should provide easy access to the meeting - The necessary link is available from your Lodge Secretary or the Provincial Grand Secretary.

We have some 880(ish) members in the Mark Degree in our Province, it would be a real tonic if we could achieve a large percentage of those members tuning in - you will even be able to see their smiling faces.

Our PGM and V.W. Bro. Derekreally  look forward to sharing time with you virtually as we hopefully start to return to some kind of normality,


At the meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge, which was due to held on 28th March at the Lincoln Showground, it was the intention of our PGM to present the retiring Provincial Registrar, Worshipful Brother Dave Robson, with a personal Certificate of Merit in recognition of his great service to the Mark Province of Lincolnshire. Sadly, we now know that the meeting had to be postponed but our PGM was determined that Dave should receive the certificate sooner rather than later.

Regrettably because of his underlying health problems Dave has been forced to shield himself for the last 10 weeks, dutifully cared for by his lovely wife Doris and the PGM decided it was time was right to deliver into his hands his richly deserved Certificate of Merit (observing social distancing of course). Dave was both surprised and delighted by the impromptu arrival of the PGM in shorts and T shirt, enforced casual dress due to the baking sunshine we have been enjoying of late!

Dave moved to Lincolnshire from his home county of Derbyshire in 2000 to retire close to the sea in Sandilands, where he has remained to this day.

His enthusiasm for the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees was evident from the day he arrived in our Province and he soon joined St Wifrid’s Lodge MMM and also RAM, taking the chair of the RAM Lodge in 2002 and the Mark Lodge in 2004. He was given a Rule 78 appointment in 2005 to recognise his Provincial rank in Derbyshire and in 2010 took over the role of Provincial Deputy Secretary, this coincided with our PGM been given a ‘’year out’’ of that role to be Provincial Junior Warden. Dave was rewarded in 2011 by being appointed Provincial Junior Warden himself and immediately his year finished in 2012 he was promoted to acting Provincial Registrar when our PGM took on the role of Provincial Secretary on V W Bro Roy Eaton’s retirement. He has held that office for 8 years and has notably overseen the implementation of the Keystone Online system (KOL) as well as giving invaluable advice and help to numerous Lodge Secretaries and Scribes throughout the process in his own inimitable and caring manner. He was also a founder member of the Lincolnshire Provincial Officers’ Lodge MMM in 2010.

In 2013 he received Grand rank as PAGDC and was further promoted in 2019 to Past Grand Senior Deacon, to cap a memorable Mark Masonic career.

His Royal Ark Mariner career is no less impressive, having been Scribe of the Haven Lodge RAM since 2008 and the founding Secretary of the Mayflower Lodge in 2010 and the Ark Lodge RAM in 2014.

He was promoted to RAMPrGR in 2009 and RAMGR in 2016.

He is succeeded by W Bro Tony Marston who we wish well in his new role.

Dave – please accept our very best wishes for a long , happy and peaceful retirement, your endeavours will leave a lasting legacy to the Mark Masonic Brethren of Lincolnshire- thank you for everything you have done from us all.

A Big Thank You

Due to a very successful launch of the masks which were made to support the Scrubs for the NHS appeal,  wehave been a victim of our own success and cannot keep up with the response and continue to supply the masks!

On Saturday I posted our 100, and have over another 100 on order.  The orders in process will be honoured but we are now closed to further interest.
May I take this opportunity to thank everyone for your kind assistance.
Our efforts can now concentrate on making and providing Scrubs for the NHS.
Sincerely yours. Phil Spicksley.

The Suspension of Masonic Meetings in 1939

Click HERE to see an interesting article from the website of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark  Master Masons of Surrey.

Taken from ‘English Freemasonry during the Second World War’ by W,Bro. Chris Eley, Provincial Grand Orator, Craft Province of Surrey.



21st April 2020 - Re-usable Comfortable Masks

Dear Brother Mark Mason.

You are all aware of the NHS appeal for scrubs.  The St Matthew MMM Lodge together with the other orders that meet at Barton Upon Humber responded last week to a local appeal from a seamstress who was asking for material to make scrubs.

She is one of 300 seamstresses in North Lincolnshire who are making scrubs at home.  Although they are donating their time, they struggle for materials.

Our lodge donated £100 to the cause, together with the other lodges and the chapter to the same amount,  hence £400 was pledged,  since then members have pledged sums of £100 each and more,  in a week over £1k has been sent to appeal.

Today it was suggested that the sale of masks would be a good idea,  the Government guidelines suggest that masks do not protect against infection but do help to stop the spread of the virus to some extent and suggest that scarves or cloth masks should be worn when out and about.

I spoke to the seamstress who is making the scrubs and she had already designed a suitable mask or snood which fits the bill.  She has agreed to make as many as we would like to order.   Working out the costs with a profit to provide additional income to purchase materials for scrubs cloth,  the mask or snood is on sale at a price of £2.50 including postage.

Made of a double layer of lycra the mask is easy and comfortable to wear and can easily be pulled up or down over the face or around the neck,  it is washable and can be used over and over again.

For an order form please email W. Bro. Phil Spicksley on

Sincerely and fraternally yours

P. W. Spicksley.

Scrubs for the NHS

On 18th April 2020 W.Bro. Chris Fletcher, WM of St Matthew 1239 MMM,  authorised £100 to be donated to local Barton On Humber seamstress to purchase much needed cloth to make scrubs for the NHS.
With reports of more and more scrubs being needed Angela Jones obtained a pattern for scrubs and set about making a local appeal to purchase materials.  With support of the local community she has purchased special material for her and friends to start work, the donation by St Matthew Mark 1239 is just part of a larger donation made by the other orders that meet at Barton each of which are donating £100 to the cause.   
The £400 will purchase enough material to make 35 sets of scrubs.

Pro Grand Master taking Tea at Three 

Pro Grand Master taking "Tea at Three" relaxing at home but always thinking of others.

Mark Grand Ranks

The announcement of the Mark Grand Ranks has just been published and on behalf of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, I am delighted to advise that the following Lincolnshire Brethren have been recognised this year..
First Appointment to active Office:
W. Bro. Geoff Tuckett (Urania Lodge MMM, no.326) - Assistant Grand Inner Guard;
W. Bro. Peter Dolby (St Guthlacs Lodge MMM, no.1122) -  Grand Steward.
First Appointment:
W. Bro. Bruce Goodman (Remigius Lodge MMM, no.117) - Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies;
W. Bro. Steve Siddle (Spurn & Humber Lodge MMM, no.1199) - Past Assistant Grand Sword Bearer.
W. Bro. Keith Robinson (Nene Lodge MMM, no.427) - Past Grand Junior Overseer;
W. Bro. Derek North (Nene Lodge MMM, no.427) - Past Grand Junior Deacon.
W. Bro. Steve Roberts (Nene Lodge MMM, no.427) - Past Grand Junior Deacon;
I am also pleased to advise that W. Bro. Chris James from the Province of London who has recently joined the Earl of Scarbrough Lodge MMM, no 1032 is to be invested as the Grand Senior Deacon - in time honoured Lincolnshire tradition, we will obviously claim him as well.
Many congratulations are afforded to all the recipients and particularly to W. Brothers James, Tuckett and Dolby who will assume an active Office and also to W. Bro., Robinson, our current Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies who will take up the designated title of Very Worshipful Brother.
The first appointments were due to be conferred at the June meeting but due to the current situation, it is the intention to invest all the recipients, both first appointments and promotions at the September meeting when it is hoped that the Province and the Brethren receiving honours will be well supported by all their friends along with a good number of the other Brethren of Lincolnshire.

"T @ 3"

In these unprecedented times where covid-19 is a global crisis, it’s important that we maintain our links and think not just of those Brethren we are used to seeing or hearing from frequently but, perhaps more especially, of those we haven’t seen for some time. The United Grand Lodge of England has been encouraging its members to raise a glass to Absent Brethren at 9pm wherever in the world you maybe.

Thanks to our Brethren in the Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire, a ‘tea at 3 o’clock’ toast has been started encouraging all Mark Master Masons throughout the world to take a cup of tea at 3pm and remember, phone or email a friend and brother to check they are ok. At the same time, sparing a thought for all Mark Master Masons throughout the Constitution, trusting that they are safe and well.

The Pro Grand Master has committed to support this initiative and he will take tea (and a biscuit or two) at 3pm. So, come on Brethren, let’s get on board with this – why not post something on social media showing you taking tea at 3?

Wishing you continued good health. Stay safe.

With fraternal regards and best wishes.

R.W.Bro. Ryan A. Williams, P.G.J.W.

Grand Secretary

A personal message from our PGM (27/03/20)

Dear Brother Mark Mason,

I hope this message finds you staying safe and keeping well.

Tomorrow was to have been our Provincial Grand Lodge at the Epic Centre and I still have to pinch myself as to how things have changed in the last 27 days. Even as long ago as 10th March we were thinking it was ‘’business as usual’’. How wrong we were and how circumstances have developed at an astounding rate. In hindsight I believe the actions taken by Masonry on Friday 13th (another black Friday!) were entirely right and went above and beyond what the government were telling us at the time. If those actions saved one life of a Brother or someone connected to him and his family it was entirely justified. I have today heard news of the first Mark Mason to fall foul of this dreadful disease, albeit in another Province. That doesn’t make the news any more palatable of course.

The good news is we are very much hoping our postponed Provincial meeting can go ahead at the usual location on 5th November and more details will be coming out as things progress- do make a pencil note in your diaries! I urge all members in the Province to think about others who might need a call or some assistance to make contact and ensure they are being catered for, I’m sure your Lodge Secretary will be only too glad to give you their details if you don’t already have them. The Lodge Almoner can’t be expected to do this job  on his own and everyone, including myself must make perhaps  one call every day until this horror story is over.

- I look forward to the day when we can recommence our merry meetings and wish you, your families, and everyone associated with our wonderful Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Degrees, every good wish so we can get back to something called ‘’normality’’.

God Bless you All
Mark Well

Lincolnshire’s Mark Masons give £5,000 to #Lincs2025 Festival

David Malcolm WheelerLincolnshire’s Mark Masons have given £5,000 to the Lincolnshire 2025 Festival with a surprise donation – Craft PGM Dave Wheeler said, "an indication that normal life, although subdued, is still going on".

Our Mark PGM Steve Hallberg asked Mick Stocker to pop a cheque for the amount through Dave’s front door, prompting him to say: “It was a lovely surprise and shows that, behind the scenes, life is still able to go on as normal. It’s amazing to think that, despite all that’s happening, the Mark degree continues to support the 2025 festival. I just hope that other Brethren, who may not have the opportunity to donate at Festive Boards at the moment, may consider a direct debit or similar".

He added, “I’d like to thank al of Lincolnshire’s Mark Masons for their fantastic support which is, as always, very much appreciated.”




Drawn at

Random selection of numbers with no names due to Covid








Prize Tally:



Ticket No.





£              200.00


John Board




£              150.00


Phil Anyan

John O'Gaunt



£              125.00


Colin Burke

St Swithuns



£              100.00


John Cousins

St Swithuns



£                 75.00


James Kendall




£                 50.00


Gerald Simmon



COVID19 PANDEMIC (13/03/20)


You will no doubt be aware of the ongoing problems with the COVID-19 virus and its effect on numerous events, including Masonic commitment.

Our PGM has issued the following statement (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) and postponed Provincial Grand Lodge on 28th March 2020, and  suspended the following Team Visits etc

Bayons MMM                     26th March
Provincial Grand Lodge      28th March
St Guthlac                           30th March
The Haven                          2nd April
Mercia MMM                     15th April (Awareness Evening)
St Botolphs MMM              28th April
St Swithuns MMM              27th May
LPOL MMM                        29th May

Keep an eye on this website to be kept up to speed as things develop.


The  Provincial Grand Master RW Bro, Stephen Hallberg, and several other Brethren from Lincolnshire, attended the recent Grand Mark Communication at Great Queen Street and witnessed a terrific, but emotional, meeting. The highlight being the MBF Grand parade, at which representatives of the Lifelites Charity and a number of the Hospices for terminally ill children who benefited from money donated by the MBF, were presented to the assembled Brethren.
The link for the souvenir booklet of the event is
Please take a look at the booklet and feel very proud of the work being undertaken by the MBF in bringing  assistive and inclusive technology and equipment to life limited and disabled children on our behalf.

 A Grand Day Out

The Provincial Grand Master RW Bro, Stephen Hallberg, supported by RW Bro, David Wheeler ,Prov GM of Lincolnshire Craft Masonry, along with Bro, David Atkinson of Bayons Lodge, VW Bro, Ron Harrison Dep, ProvGM , Bayons Lodge, W Bro’s, Steve Roberts, PAGSwdB ,ProvGSec, Phil Anyan PGJD ,John O Gaunt Lodge, Mike Robinson PAGDC, St Swithun’s Lodge, W Bro, Arthur Baxter PGJD, St Matthew Lodge attended Grand Mark Lodge, on Tuesday 10th March.

Grand Mark Lodge was “called off” to receive trustees and members of “LifeLites”. Lifelites being the Charity who provide support and various facilities to Children’s Hospice’s throughout the country.

About a dozen ladies and gentlemen were processed in! Carrying Lanterns, which were taken by the attending Grand Stewards and placed to the side of Grand Lodge! With one lantern placed in front of the presiding officers Pedestal.

A Presentation was delivered by Ms Simone Enefer-Doy. Who! Read a very “moving” letter from W Bro, Rick Wakeman (Yes! “Thee” Rick Wakeman) who is a lifelites Patron, along with comedien Joe Pasquale. An “iPad” adapted for the children to use to communicate with, was set in motion, with a child’s voice, thanking all the Mark Masons for their support. This particular moment and the Rick Wakeman letter which was read, Proved to be quite emotional to all present.

Our attention was drawn to the Balcony to the rear of the Grand Temple, by the Grand Secretary. Where 10 ladies were seated. At the given prompt! They stood, and each holding cards declaring, that Lifelights had received a magnificent sum of £141,423-00 from the Mark Benevolent fund.

It was a very proud moment for us all. Knowing the donations we make to the Mark Benevolent Fund, enhances the lives of these children, who don’t have long to live.

The funding will provide some 15 Tech Trunk packages, which will give around 3000 children chance to play and communicate.

A very rewarding day.


60th RAM certificate  

At the recent meeting of Mercia Lodge RAM no.1240, the members were privileged to see W. Bro. Bryan Robinson, MBE, receive yet another 60th Masonic long service certificate in addition to his 60th Mark certificate which he received last year - this time it was his RAM certificate.
W. Bro. Jack Geelhoed, our Assistant Provincial Grand Master presented Bryan with his certificate whilst giving a brief overview of his service to the RAM degree which started at St Mary Lodge RAM, no. 326 in Louth in February 1960.
At that time, there was no RAM Lodge in his home town of Spalding so W. Bro. Bryan used to travel to Louth for the meetings, proudly holding an ever present attendance whilst he was a member - no mean feat in those days, until the Mercia Lodge was consecrated in 1963 and of which  he was a founder member.


Whilst a member of Mercia, he has taken the chair in 1967, 1998 and 2012.

W. Bro. Geelhoed paid tribute to W. Bro. Robinson, both as a good friend and a true Mason, praising his commitment and the dedication shown during his time with the Lodge and Freemasonry in general. 
Now a sprightly 94, Bryan continues that dedication in  looking after his wife but still attends meetings when possible and hopes to continue to do so for a good few more years - a truly inspirational Brother who is a credit to himself and to the Mark Province of Lincolnshire.

Travelling Sceptre

On Tuesday 25th February, the travelling Sceptre was claimed by 5 members of Haven Lodge RAM no. 1732 from St Mary Lodge RAM no. 326.
The next meeting of Haven Lodge which meets at Cleethorpes is Thursday the 2nd April which is the Installation and also the 25th anniversary of the Lodge which coincides with a 'Ceremonial Team Visit' by the PGM and his Officers (could be quite a bun fight to claim it !!!)

Active Provincial Officers Dinner

The excellent Harbour Lights Restaurant at Burton Waters, Lincoln was the venue for Lincolnshire’s first Mark Active Provincial Officers Dinner, where Brethren who are part of the Provincial Team, together with their partners, met for a night of good food and good company.

It was an opportunity for the team to relax at the end of their year together, and for RW Bro Steve Hallberg to personally thank his team for their support throughout the year.

It proved to be a real success, so much so that it will now become an annual event!

Grand Mark Lodge Annual Investiture

Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London

1.00pm Tuesday 9 June 2020


All Mark Master Masons may attend, and those who have never been to Grand Lodge are particularly encouraged to attend this splendid occasion which has traditionally been arranged to celebrate those receiving their first Grand Rank appointments at a festive board in Baldock.




07.15hrs                      Depart Eastgate Car Park, Sleaford, (behind The Mallards, NG34 7DJ)  

08.00hrs                      Arrive Asda Supermarket, Union St., Grantham, NG31 6NZ           

08.45hrs                      Arrive Premier Inn, Norman Cross, Peterborough, PE7 3TB

09.30hrs                      Arrive ‘The Templars Hotel and Carvery’, Baldock, for ‘Bacon butties’

10.15hrs                      Coach leaves for London

12.00hrs                      Arrive Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London



16.00hrs                      Leave Freemasons’ Hall

18.00hrs                      Arrive ‘The Templars Hotel and Carvery’, Baldock, for evening meal

19.45hrs                      Leave Baldock

20.45hrs                      Arrive Norman Cross

21.30hrs                      Arrive Grantham

22.00hrs                      Arrive Sleaford

(Note: Times approximate only)


 The cost depends on numbers travelling on the coach; with a full 29-seater coach this would be approx. £54;this includes travel,bacon buttie/coffee or tea on outward journey and a 3-course evening meal on the return journey (excluding drinks).

Contact Ray Wade:

Tel. No.: 01652 652592; e-mail: