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Travelling Sceptre


The travelling Sceptre is currently residing at 

The  St Oswald Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners


 Travelling Screptre Moves On

On Wednesday 27th Fabuary, St Oswald RAM Lodge No 387 claimed the Travelling Sceptre from St Denys Lodge.
Eight Brethren travelled to Sleaford to claim the Sceptre. At the same time, eight Brethren from Trent RAM Lodge in Gainsborough also travelled to claim the Sceptre but St Oswalds won by virtue of superior mileage.
The travelling Sceptre was an inspiration the late W Bro Alan Birkett, a member of St Oswalds MMM and RAM as an incentive to encourage visiting to other Lodges and last night it proved how successful it was, St Denys had a total of twenty Visitors.
I am sure there will be an attempt by other RAM Lodges to reclaim the Sceptre at the next St Oswalds RAM lodge on 21st March.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Lincolnshire

The Alan Birkett Memorial

 Travelling Gavel & Sceptre Rules

  1. The Travelling Gavel & Sceptre competitions are open to all Lincolnshire Mark Masons’  or Royal Ark Mariners’  Lodges.
  1. To claim the Gavel/Sceptre a minimum of  4 ( four)  visitors representing one other Lodge must visit the Lodge in possession of the Travelling Gavel or Sceptre.
  1. The visiting Lodge with the  requisite number of Brethren multiplied by the distance travelled  using the mileage calculator provided by the Provincial Secretary (giving Masonic   miles  ) will be entitled to claim the Gavel. In the unlikely event of a ‘’tie’’ on number of man/ miles calculated - the Lodge which has travelled the furthest distance  will prevail .ie distance from the visitors’  Masonic Hall to the host Lodge using the table of mileages sent from Province.
  1. The Gavel or Sceptre should be claimed as an item under ‘’Any other business’’ on the Agenda.
  1. The  Secretary/ Scribe  of the Lodge giving up the Gavel/ Sceptre should inform the Provincial Secretary where it is now residing and ensure the black mileage Log enclosed is completed before passing it over to the new incumbent.The Secretary/ Scribe  of the Lodge taking charge of the Gavel or Sceptre should inform the Provincial Secretary that they have it in their safe-keeping and when the  Lodge next  meets  to enable it to be claimed.
  1. Every effort will be made to publicise the next meeting  Provincially  to encourage as many visitors as possible.
  1. At  each Annual Mark Provincial Grand Lodge meeting the Gavel  should be presented to the      Provincial Grand Master for the duration of the Meeting by the Worshipful Master  of the Lodge or one of his Wardens or a senior Past Master.

The same procedure will apply to the Sceptre at the Annual Royal Ark Mariner Assembly.


W Bro S C Hallberg PAGSwdB

Provincial  Grand Secretary

16th March 2016


Travelling Gavel and Sceptre

Both the Gavel and Sceptre are in the custody of the Mark & RAM lodges in Scunthorpe at the moment this is the first time I think that this is the first time they have been in the same masonic building a unique occasion as the both were the instigated by W.Bro Alan Birkett from the St Oswald's lodge in Scunthorpe.